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GROUP EXERCISE schedule for Fall 2014 begins Monday, September 22nd.

 Group Exercise Details

Regular Group Exercise Classes will begin on Monday, September 22nd for the semester. Scroll down to the permanent schedule. 

You may take an unlimited amount of classes with paid registration.

Fees/Payment Options:
The Group Exercise Registration Fee is $20.00 for the semester.

Pay with a check (made out to Stonehill Rec Sports) at the SpoCo Control Desk, or,
Pay with your Hill Card (at the Commons Desk only). YOU MUST WRITE your name on the Hill Card receipt and bring it over to the Ames Sports Complex to register.  Cash is acceptable also.

Beginning today, your registration form must be completed, signed and on file before you may take a paid class. 
No exceptions.

Be sure to ask for a receipt of payment. This is your proof that you paid for the class.
Keep it for the duration of GROUP EX.

Registrations will be taken Monday-Friday from 10:00am - 3pm.
No exceptions.
Call Silvina at the Rec Sports Office with any questions. Enjoy!

              through LAST DAY OF CLASSES.














Athletic Intervals 







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 Muscle Sculpt






ZUMBA Dance Party

 Lean Dance Body Workout









 Group Exercise Class Descriptions

Stretch It Out With PLYO
An interval class that focuses on stretching the entire body to lengthen muscles, then adding Plyometric sequences to get heart rates pumping.  Definite muscle confusion will occur.  Great compliment to your weight lifting routines.

Cardio Curcuit:
Bursts of cardio drills with different stations of activities. This class incorporates weights in between your stations.
Never a dull segment.

Cross Fit:
This class will alternate cardio and strength training intervals combining progressive body strengthening exercise and timed intervals.

Cardio Barre
In this class, you are using basic ballet movements and stretches for a smooth  flow of cardio and lengthening of muscles.

Cardio Insanity:
Using the principles of metabolic conditioning, you will work through rounds of energizing cardio intervals infused with strength and stretch moves.

Bootcamp/Cross Train:
This class will alternate cardio and strength training intervals combining high intensity and power moves.

A total mind-body workout that improves functional strength, flexibility, muscle balance and relaxation. The class is taught with multi-level options making it suitable for all fitness levels.

Vinyasa Yoga:
Perfect for beginners! A total mind-body workout focusing on breathing, relaxation and core strength.

Power Yoga:
An intermediate to advanced practice of fast vinyasa flows to keep the heart rate up,combining yoga stretching and cardio elements. This version of weight-loss-yoga mixes elements of fitness with the meditation of simple stretch yoga.

This blend of yoga and pilates will stretch and strengthen your body as well as soothe the mind. Both techniques will improve functional strength, flexibility, muscle balance, and relaxation.

Muscle Conditioning:
Complete head to toe muscle workout to sculpt and chisel every muscle.

Latin inspired dance party! Cardio Exercise in a dance party atmosphere to high energy latin music.

Cardio Dance Off:
A mixture of all types of dance, with all types of music, from hip hop, to old school aerobics, to lyrical stretch.

Mat and Muscle:
A combination of yoga bootcamp and toning moves that are sure to increase your metabolism in this muscle sculpting workout.

This practice stressing core muscle strength through a series of exercises to achieve a balanced body.Pilates is designed to work the abdominals, back, shoulders and hips.

Cardio Kickbox:
Traditional kickboxing movements set to music with self defense practice moves.

                                            Questions regarding Group Exercise?

                                            Please contact Rec Sports at 508.565.1064 and
                                         ask for Silvina Faiella Miller or leave me a message.