Poundtown, Silly Sluggers Claim World Series of Softball Titles

            The IM Softball Championship games for Men and Women took place this week with a couple of dominant wins.  Poundtown took on Pink Sox in the Men’s Championship and got off to a big 5-0 lead after runs were scored by Craig Scardapane and Pat Greene.  Both players had great performances in the game, with Scardapane getting four hits and three runs, while Greene had three hit and two runs.  Matt Farrel kept his team in the game with four hits for Pink Sox, but in the end came up short, losing to Poundtown by a score of 16-9. In the Women’s Final, Silly Sluggers and Mean 2015 slugged out a tough game, but Silly Sluggers took a commanding 7-1 lead midway through the third inning and never looked back.  Casey Shannon and Lindsay Raymond led the way for Silly Sluggers, as they went on to the 16-3 win.