Stonehill College Men’s Lacrosse: Alumni Spotlight

During this year’s Stonehill Men’s Lacrosse season, each week the current Hill Lacrosse team will link up with players from the past. This allows the team to catch up with an alumnus each week and see where the player’s life after Stonehill has led him, and it will also allow the player to relive some of his favorite memories from his time on the Stonehill College Lacrosse Team.

This week’s Alumni Spotlight features Connor Green from the Stonehill College Class of 2012. 

After graduating in 2012, Connor Green enrolled in graduate school at the Boston University, where he continues to take classes today. Once he graduates from this master’s program, he will be able to begin his career as a social worker.

While going to school, Green also manages to have time for an internship, which gives him hands on experience in his field of study. “I’m interning as a clinician at an alternative high school located in an urban community. Here, I engage adolescent students in a therapeutic relationship with the hopes of increasing overall wellbeing and support, using a strengths-based approach,” said Green.

Green believes that his experiences at Stonehill prepared him for his current hectic schedule because of the difficult courses he took while also playing lacrosse.

While Green’s time at Stonehill was busy at times, he did forge memories that have lasted well beyond his time at college. The memories that he recollects most are “winning the PCLL championship in 2009 and traveling to Denver, CO, for the MCLA national championships stands out. My Aunt was actually able to watch her first lacrosse game and our first national tournament game there,” said Green.

Despite graduating a few years ago, Connor Green has attempted to keep in contact with the team especially his younger brother Devin. “In addition, I keep constant contact with Coach McDonough and view the MCLA Stonehill webpage for updates and results. I commend the team and coaching staff for a really difficult stretch of competition with virtually no days off. It sounds like the bench is short given our historically small but strong roster as well as injuries, so I am looking forward to hearing about a healthy team moving forward,” said Connor.

With so many great Stonehill lacrosse memories to pick from, it was no wonder Connor had a hard time picking only one. “Aside from the spring break trips, dining out in CO (Demarco doesn’t even like food), bonding time and car sign alongs (Adelle), I will never forget playing my final collegiate lacrosse game alongside my teammate and brother. I’ll never forget Devin scoring one of his goals in the conference semis vs. Coast Guard, I ran up to him for a bro-hug, thinking this would surge an epic comeback; which it sadly did not. In addition, though partially a memory, I will not forget nor remember my concussion during my freshman season vs. URI. I regained consciousness and my first visual was of Coach Larkin informing me that I was no longer in Sandwich, MA which I apparently believed; so hats off to that URI player (and yes, it was a legal hit),” said Green.

Lastly, Connor Green wanted to end the interview by offering some advice for current and future Stonehill Lacrosse players, “Use your teammates, they are all there to support the team on and off the field. Yes, there will be some miserably cold/wet/snowy/early practices/games, but take it all in, push your worries about schoolwork aside, and embrace playing a great game along-side some amazing teammates. Most importantly, remember to thank your parents and respective families for providing you with the opportunity to attend a great school and continuing your education,” said Green.