Stonehill College Men’s Lacrosse: Alumni Spotlight

During this year’s Stonehill Men’s Lacrosse season, each week the current Hill Lacrosse team will link up with players from the past. This allows the team to catch up with an alumnus each week and see where the player’s life after Stonehill has led him, and it will also allow the player to relive some of his favorite memories from his time on the Stonehill College Lacrosse Team.

This week’s Alumni Spotlight features Andrew Wood from the Stonehill College Class of 2004. 

Andrew Wood of the Stonehill College Class of 2004 and former Men’s Lacrosse player, took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with this year’s Stonehill Men’s Lacrosse team this week. Andrew currently resides in Cambridge, MA where he has been living since returning to the United States from teaching English in Thailand for three years, to earn his Master’s in Psychoanalytic Counseling.

Currently Andrew is working three jobs. His primary job is as the Director of a program for a non-profit that sends counselors into Boston Public Schools. On the side, he also started up his own private practice for adults in downtown Boston. Finally, he resides on the staff of the Cambridge Zen Center.

Andrew attributes his success to one experience in particular at Stonehill. “In all my years playing sports, the men’s lax team was the best team experience I’ve had. This has definitely contributed to my success in the many different organizations where I’ve belonged,” said Andrew.

Since graduation, Andrew has been able to create so many memories that he is found of, but a few experiences stand above the rest. “It’s hard to narrow it down to one specifically, but I’ve really enjoyed traveling in Asia, South America and Europe,” said Andrew.

Working three jobs has led Andrew to feel accomplished in many different things he has been a part of, but there two accomplishments that he is most appreciative of. “Professionally, I’m grateful that I’m able to work for myself and for a non-profit that contributes to lives of others. This past year I was asked to officiate two weddings for my friends (one was from Stonehill). I also traveled to Argentina by myself for two months and I hiked a 110 mile trek through the French Alps,” said Andrew.

During his four years at Stonehill, Andrew believes that he truly got the most out of his education. “At Stonehill I was able to cultivate a passion for learning and deep curiosity about the world and others - its stayed with me,” said Andrew.

In his time on the lacrosse team Andrew built some great memories, but his fondest came after returning from D.C. “When I returned from my semester in Washington DC we had our first practice together, Coach Larkin said that without me being there it felt like something was missing. Being on that team was one of the best experiences of my life. Whether it was practice, the van rides, or breakfast after 5am practice - it felt like an extended family,” said Andrew.

At the end of our time with Andrew, current men’s lacrosse player Mike Flanagan asked him one last question. “If you won the lottery and could only share it with one person, who is it and why are they so special?” said Mike.

“I belong to a Zen Buddhist community - I’d like to share the money with them. Meditation practice is like ‘ball down’ drills - the faster you can bounce back and get the job done, the better off you’re going to be,” said Andrew.

Thanks for your time, Andrew. Hope to see you at a game this season!