Stonehill College Men’s Lacrosse: Alumni Spotlight

During this year’s Stonehill Men’s Lacrosse season, each week the current Hill Lacrosse team will link up with players from the past. This allows the team to catch up with an alumnus each week and see where the player’s life after Stonehill has led him, and it will also allow the player to relive some of his favorite memories from his time on the Stonehill College Lacrosse Team.

This week’s Alumni Spotlight features Michael Joyce from the Stonehill College Class of 2006. 

After his graduation in 2006, Mike spent some time living in Seattle, Washington before moving back into the area to attend Northeastern University for his Masters in Teaching. Mike currently resides in South Boston and teaches high school English at North Quincy High, where he also recently became the Athletic Director.

As a teacher, I design curriculum and assessments that align with the Common Core and MA State Standards. I foster student interest in deconstructing texts, critical theory, expository and persuasive writing techniques. As an Athletic Director I am in charge of scheduling for 27 sports programs and 3 club activities, promoting educational athletics, managing staff and coaches, working within a budget to purchase equipment and uniforms, establishing fundraisers and assisting student-athletes with college recruitment,” said Mike Joyce.

Despite his heavy workload, Mike believes that he has been more than adequately prepared by Stonehill College education. “My time at Stonehill prepared me for my positions by improving my time management and critical thinking skills, fostering my creativity and independence, developing my interpersonal communication skills, and instilling within me a commitment to service.”

Following his graduation 2006, Mike decided to go out, and see the United States. Mike considers these travels to be some of his fondest memories, “Since graduation, one of my favorite memories has been the two total months I spent driving across the country by myself in 2006. I’ve never felt so free, seen so many beautiful things, and talked to so many interesting people.”

Despite his time on the Stonehill Lacrosse team ending in 2006, Mike has continued to make athletics an important part of his life not only through his new role as athletic director, but also by competing in marathons and triathlons. Mike has competed in two marathons and two triathlons since his graduation.

Mike spoke of his many fond memories of his time at Stonehill, but three in particular stood out to him as his favorite memories from his Stonehill College experience. “My favorite memories from Stonehill were the 2004 Pig Roast the men’s lacrosse team put together next to Stanger Hall, our house trip in the woods, and working for the Athletic Field Management team with Pat Cummings (’05),” said Mike.

Since his graduation, Mike has kept a close eye on his former team year in and year out, and is happy with what he sees. “I am quite impressed by the growth of the program and the success the team has enjoyed, including playing in nationals out in Colorado,” said Mike.

Reminiscing on his favorite Stonehill Lacrosse memories Mike spoke about the best parts of his athletic involvement during his college career. “Besides the Pig Roast, my fondest memories of Stonehill Lax will always be the van rides back from games and the lifelong friendships that I’ve made, eating breakfast after 5AM practice and my first goal against URI,” said Mike.

Mike left with a few words of advice for current player “train hard, play hard. Stonehill is truly Heaven on Earth, and if you’re lucky enough to go to Stonehill, you’re lucky enough,” said Mike.

Thanks for your time, Mike. Hope to see you at a game this season!